Casabella Set of 4 Silicone Cutting Boards

Casabella Set of 4 Silicone Cutting Boards

Item #: 028484534026
MPN: Casabella 53402

The Casabella "Be Gourmet" Silicone Cutting Boards come in handy when preparing a big meal with a variety of foods - the graphic and color coded printed design help to prevent cross contamination. These versatile cutting boards feature a functional, modernized hourglass shape and flexible material to make transferring chopped food easier.

  • Silicone backing for non-skid stability
  • Color coded to help prevent cross contamination
  • Flexible material for easy food transfer
  • Measures 16” (L) x 12¼" (W)

Set of 4 includes:

  • Green (Vegetables)
  • Red (Meats)
  • Yellow (Poultry)
  • Blue (Seafood)

Casabella Style # 53002

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  1. 80 out of 100
    Great Starter Set

    Reviewed on by Stephanie G.

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      This was the first set of cutting boards I bought in college. It lasted me almost three years of heavy use (I eventually cut through them with my new Wusthof knives). I would definitely recommend them to college kids short on cash or someone who doesn't cook much, but definitely upgrade when you get better knives or start to cook more often.

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