Kikuichi 8" Chefs Knife w/Sheath

Kikuichi 8" Chefs Knife w/Sheath

Item #: 406145331908
MPN: Kikuichi GS21-08-0

Kikuichi 8" Chefs Knife w/Sheath.

Kikuichi Warikomi Blades are carefully hand crafted with stainless Swedish blade steel. These are some of the sharpest knives available today. The edges are polished to a keen razor edge, yet have the strength to work through weeks of food preparation with minimal maintenance. Each Warikomi knife features the bladesmith’s signature hammered into the blade and comes with a custom fitted sheath.

This Kikuichi Warimomi Elite Stainless Chefs Knife measures 7” on the blade.

Made in Japan

Kikuich Style # GS21-08-0

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