Mastrad Healthy Chips Maker

Mastrad Healthy Chips Maker

Item #: 885902646019
MPN: Mastrad A64601

Make your own fat-free chips in only 3 to 5 minutes in the microwave with the Mastrad Healthy Chips Maker!

It not only makes delicious potato chips, but also other root vegetables such as carrots, beets and parsnips as well as fruits, like apples, pears, mangoes and more. No added fat required thanks to the non-stick 100% silicone surface.

Set Includes: 1 Non-stick Tray and 1 Mini-Mandoline

  • Cooks in 3 to 5 minutes 
  • Made of premium silicone, crisp vegetables and fruits crisp up without use of fats or oils
  • Interlocking trays allow the use of multiple trays at once to cook more than one serving at a time
  • A healthier alternative to store-bought chips and crisps
  • Product is for microwave use only

Mastrad Style # A64601.

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  1. 100 out of 100
    Great product!

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      Great product! You can get this on Amazon (two of them) for less, with free shipping. sigh.

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