FINEX 10" Cast Iron Lid

FINEX 10" Cast Iron Lid

Item #: 405187183117
MPN: Finex L10-10001

“Stops burgers from splattering and keeps pancakes hot.”

Steam equals flavor so if you’re serious about capturing the best tastes your food has to offer, it’s worth investing in a matching 10” seasoned cast iron lid. Lids come in handy for a variety of reasons. They stop splatter from burgers and keep pancakes warm.

We’ve designed our lids with integrated self-basting rings that direct flavor-filled steam condensation back onto what you’re cooking. Our lids also create ideal moisture control that helps keep the consistency of what’s being cooked just right.

A hand polished American-made solid brass knob completes the oven safe design: it’s a handsome and functional detail that makes the lid easy to lift and set down.

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