KettlePizza Oven Kit For Kettle Grills

KettlePizza Oven Kit For Kettle Grills

Item #: 609456505369
MPN: KettlePizza KPB-22

KettlePizza was developed to give people an affordable way to cook real wood fired pizza on a traditional charcoal kettle grill. Cooking great pizza requires two things: a real wood fire and consistently high cooking temperatures. Using the KettlePizza with a mix of charcoal and hardwood will yield temperatures in excess of 750 degrees F. Since the lid does not need to be removed throughout the cooking cycle, the temperature remains constant. This solves the problem of overcooked bottoms and under cooked tops, which is the common result when cooking pizza on an outdoor grill.

The KettlePizza installs between the top and bottom of your kettle grill. The product is adjustable and fits either 18.5" or 22.5" kettle grills such as the Weber One Touch Grills. It utilizes the grate of the grill as the floor of the cooking chamber. Users can expect to cook a pizza in 4-6 minutes using a mix of charcoal and hardwood chunks. Refueling is easy. Using the handles one can lift the KettlePizza off of the grill and slide more charcoal and/or hardwood into the rear of the kettle. The KettlePizza is made in the USA!

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