Caja China Roasting Box 70 lbs

Caja China Roasting Box 70 lbs

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MPN: Latin Touch BC-77176
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Cooks up to 70-80 lb. pig, 16-18 whole chickens, 4-6 turkeys, 8-10 pork rib slabs or pork shoulders, or any other type of meat or fish! Professional quality pig roaster. Known in Spanish as La Caja Asadora, our Roasting Box functions as a Caja China or Cajun Microwave.

Here’s how it works: The pig is placed inside the China Box between two stainless steel racks, and cooks using the heat from charcoal or wood placed on top of the pig roasting box on a stainless steel grill. The racks are secured with four stainless steel hooks that hold the meat in place and make flipping the pig much easier. Cooking times in these roasters typically vary between three and four hours depending on the size of the pig and the amount of charcoal used. We include a laminated graph with each boxwith recommended charcoal amounts depending on the weight of the hog. Of course, the final verdict is yours. There are tons of ways to do a whole roast pig!

Included are:

Charcoal pan & grid

Large dripping pan

2 stainless steel racks

4 stainless steel S hooks

4 front wheels for easy mobility

2 large steel handles

Syringe for marinating

Detailed assembly instructions

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