LooftLighter Electric Fire Lighter

LooftLighter Electric Fire Lighter

Item #: 7350026370018
MPN: Looft Industries LOOFTLIGHTER
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Looftlighter Electric Fire Lighter lights your barbecue charcoals or fireplace logs in seconds without the use of lighter fluid or gas. It eliminates the chemical taste left behind when using lighter fluid or gas.

The Looftlighter blows a hot airstream that ignites your charcoal. Simply plug the Looftlighter into a wall socket, and touch the nose of the lighter to your wood or coals. Press the button and hold for approximately 10 - 20 seconds or until you see sparks. The draw back a little and continue to hold the Looftlighter for about one minute.

Equipped with a safety casing that cools to the touch within a few seconds and it switches off when you release the On button. The Looftlighter has a built-in stand, which doubles as a bottle opener.

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