Best Manufacturers Pastry Pro

Best Manufacturers Pastry Pro

Item #: 898157000215
MPN: Best Manufacturers SC-20

The Pastry Pro Dough Blender is the fastest dough cutter on the market. It simplifies and expedites the tedious task of blending fat into flour. The ergonomically designed Pastry Pro allows you to make perfect pastry in 60-seconds! The unique design and soft comfort-grip handle reduces hand fatigue. Blender frame is stainless steel and has clog-free diamond shaped cutting blades to make perfect pastry. The rigid diamond shaped cutting blades slice through chilled butter with complete control and ease, quickly incorporating both flour and butter to the exact texture required. There?s no need to pre-sift your flour or pre-cube your butter. Keep butter chilled until you?re ready to mix! Just toss your dry ingredients in a bowl, mix with the Pastry Pro, then add your chilled butter and in seconds you?ve got the precise consistency you need for perfect pastry. Diamond shape blades promote faster cutting with more surface, while also remaining clog-free. Blender is 5.75-inch high x 4.5-inch wide. Dishwasher safe.

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