Forever Flame 5" Ivory Flameless Candle

Forever Flame 5" Ivory Flameless Candle

Item #: 026602591241
MPN: Boston Warehouse 59124

5" Ivory Forever Flame candle uses LED technology to show a life-like flickering illumination. The new Forever Flame candles are made of paraffin wax so they look and feel like real candles! With no actual flame, these candles are safe around children and pets, and can be placed near curtains, floral arrangements or other spots where a traditional candle could be hazardous. They require two AA batteries (not included) and each candle has a five-hour timer setting. (Pictured glass pedestal is not included)

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      These "candles" are truly amazing. Everyone who sees it in action has to go right up to the flame and touch it to prove to themselves that it isn't real. We live in the Silicon Valley and most of our friends are techies so they are not easily fooled. Even the light the candle casts on the ceiling in a darkened room looks real! The timing feature is easy to use and quite convenient. We just bought several in different sized to use throughout our house. Very real, very safe, and worth the prices vs. the other not so real looking led candles that you find everywhere.

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