Forever Flame 5" Burgundy Flameless Candle

Forever Flame 5" Burgundy Flameless Candle

Item #: 026602643520
MPN: Boston Warehouse 64352

5" Burgundy Forever Flame uses LED technology to show a life-like flickering illumination. The new Forever Flame candles are made of paraffin wax so they look and feel like real candles! With no actual flame, these candles are safe around children and pets, and can be placed near curtains, floral arrangements or other spots where a traditional candle could be hazardous. They require two AA batteries (not included) and each candle has a five-hour timer setting.

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  1. 100 out of 100
    Better than expected!

    Reviewed on by K-Day

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      Candle (even when not on) is more realistic looking than many flameless varieties because of the rustic looking textured surface- a really nice touch! Burgundy color is rich and makes it look like an expensive candle. (I realize it IS an expensive candle, but keep in mind this one will never burn down - it will literally last many years.) When turned on, it gives a warm glow and flickers as a natural flame would. It is absolutely beautiful! Plus, flameless means peace of mind. I gave one as a present and the receiver is thrilled with it! She has raved about how beautiful it is and she is delighted to be able to enjoy the serenity created by candlelight. (Her husband is extremely sensitive to both scents and smoke so he would never let her burn candles.) Now they both can enjoy the ambience of candlelight.

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