Fusion Brands GoHook (Assorted Colors)

Fusion Brands GoHook (Assorted Colors)

Item #: 811081020364
MPN: Fusionbrands 8052PRO

The universal go anywhere hook you never knew you needed until you use it. The GoHook™ is a clever and useful tool designed to hold essential go-to items within reach, just about anywhere you go. The GoHook™ will become an indispensable tool both in and out of the home.

With its magnetic ends, the GoHook™ offers an easy way to fasten items like a baby blanket or shopping bag to the stroller while out on a walk. Keep a dishtowel at your side in the kitchen or out by the grill. Hang the loofah to dry in the shower or color code towels for each person in the bathroom.

Simply flex open the magnetic ends, clip the to-be-hung item between them and then hang the GoHook™ wherever you want or go. You'll find the GoHook™ to solve a myriad of hanging challenges in the home, in dorm rooms, in the office, at the gym, on the boat and even out by the pool. Hooks to drawer pulls, shower rods, door knobs, grills, belt loops, appliance handles, golf bags, treadmills, baby strollers, boats, trees, tents and much more!

They're so versatile you'll get hooked!

Available in 7 colors

Features a flexible hook with two embedded magnets

Holds a maximum weight of three pounds

Made of flexible rubber

3.5" Length x 2" Width

Hand wash only

GoHook™ 2016 US & International patents, trademarks, copyrights and registrations issued & pending.

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