Interdesign® Large Pebblz Sink Mat - Clear

Interdesign® Large Pebblz Sink Mat - Clear

Item #: 081492606604
MPN: InterDesign 60660
Interdesign Clear Large Pebbles Sink Mat is made of thick, durable plastic that creates a barrier between dishes and the bottom of your kitchen sink. Mat can be trimmed to fit sink.

12" x 15 1/2"

InterDesign Inc style #60660

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  1. 60 out of 100
    Unique looks interfere with practicality

    Reviewed on by Don

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      We have had one of these for about 3 years. It has finally fallen apart and we have to replace it. The main problem with it is that because the "pebbles" lie flat and block junk from getting to the drain. You often have to lift it up to unblock the junk. It's the reason I'm considering the Rubbermaid mat where the designer used his head: It stands just slightly above the surface of the sink so junk can get to the drain.

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