InterDesign 14" x 16" Clear Contour Sink Protector

InterDesign 14" x 16" Clear Contour Sink Protector

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MPN: InterDesign 59060
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Protect your sink from scratches and wear with the InterDesign Contour Sink Protector. It lays flat in larger sinks and gradually curves up in smaller sinks. It's great for kitchens or laundry rooms.

InterDesign Contour Sink Protector:

Fits most standard sinks

Made of durable PVC

Protects sink bottom

Keeps dishes from sliding

Curls up walls in small sinks 

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  1. sink protector

    Reviewed on by ILIANA M.

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      I have this protector. It is very useful . Protects the sinks and specially from the flatware that usually scratch the sink. I am very happy with it. Con: larger (4" more) should be available for the large sink of 19" x 21" or bigger.

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