Weiman Furniture Cleaner

Weiman Furniture Cleaner

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Entertaining and everyday use can put a strain on your wood furniture. Wood can also develop a wax or silicone build-up from the use of other wood care products. This extra gentle cleaner is designed especially for the cleaning of wood surfaces. Used as directed, this soft, rich foam will not damage the most delicate wood finish. Our time-proven formula tackles even the toughest clean-up jobs with a natural linseed oil base. It deep cleans the wood surface lifting out years of old wax, polish, stains, grease, grime, crayon, dust and dirt build-up, leaving the surface clean and ready to be re-polished. It allows the natural beauty of your wood to shine through, bringing the furniture back to life. Excellent for use on antiques, kitchen cabinets, paneling and painted wood surfaces. Weiman® Furniture Cleaner is ready-to-use, extra gentle and especially important for busy homemakers – it cleans fast. There is simply no better way to deep-clean wood. When used as directed Weiman® Furniture Cleaner will not damage even the most delicate wood surface. Weiman® Furniture Cleaner is non-toxic, biodegradable, contains no ozone depleting chemicals (CFC’s) and has recyclable packaging.
12 oz. spray.
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