Shrockie FishClip Bag Clamp

Shrockie FishClip Bag Clamp

Item #: 855078002001
MPN: Shrockie 200
FishClip™ uses its Patent Pending design to seal bags and clamp items in a revolutionary way.

°No more twist ties
°Tight seal keeps food fresh
°Safe for the freezer
°Save money and be green (reduce waste)!
°Use on soft bags or hard
°Magnetic, turn your refrigerator into an aquarium

How It Works:
The FishClip jaws open wide, close around, cinch tight and lock in place. All in one easy motion that can be done with one hand! The jaws automatically open when the Fin is pressed. No other Chip Clip or Bag Clip on the market is designed to seal the bags that you TWIST closed.

Try on: Frozen veggies, bread, coffee, and chips.

FishClip™ isn’t just for bags though, it’ll clamp anything from Pig-Tails to Computer Cables!

Use for school, travel, office, etc....
You might be surprised how many uses you’ll find!

Shrockie Style # 200

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