Sistema Lettuce Keeper - 14 cup

Sistema Lettuce Keeper - 14 cup

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This spacious Sistema container is designed to hold large heads of lettuce or 14 cups of your favorite salad.  Features a removable grate to keep moisture away from lettuce, keeping it fresh longer.

 As salad and lettuce lovers, we are always looking for better ways to keep lettuce fresh. Full heads of lettuce can be difficult to get in and out of produce bags. With this container, that problem is solved. It adds convenience to your kitchen and saves you money by keeping lettuce crisp and fresh longer. 

This food storage container is light weight and easy to use. Features a removable raised grate and rounded shape to enable air to flow freely around the lettuce for better storage. Locking clips on the lid plus a rubberized seal ensure container contents stay fresh longer. The compact size and appealing design of this container also gives you the option of storing lettuce, or removing the grate and using it to serve salad or other dishes. 

How do you use this container?  Rinse or wash the lettuce. Place the grate with the spike up in the bottom of the bowl, and then place the lettuce on the grate, with the spike going up through the center of the lettuce head (you may need to remove the core of the lettuce head.) Try to minimize the leaves touching the sides of the container. Any excess water will drain through the grate to the bottom of the container. Close and clip the lid, and refrigerate. You will have fresh, crisp lettuce conveniently available for salads, sandwiches and other dishes.  Visit our blog for easy lettuce and vegetable cleaning tips!

All Sistema KLIP IT food storage containers are manufactured with 100% BPA free materials. 

The innovation: Sistema has designed a unique, comprehensive system of KLIP IT food storage containers that are not only well made, but are stackable, versatile and easy to use. 

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