Interdesign 10x4 Fridge bin

Interdesign 10x4 Fridge bin

Item #: 081492716303
MPN: InterDesign 71630

Interdesign 10" x 4" Fridge Bin.

This Clear Plastic Storage Bin can be used in a number of different areas in your home. Use the small parts storage bin to help with kitchen pantry organization holding canned soups, spices, pastas, and more. This can also be used as a bathroom counter organizer or bathroom drawer organizer. Keep hairbrushes, gels, and other hair products all together in one place, or use it to hold your make up when not in use. There are a million ways to use this handy closet storage bin from garage organization to refrigerator organization and more. 

  • Clear Plastic Storage Bin Features
  • Use it in any number of different areas in your home.
  • Made of sturdy plastic with handles on either end.
  • Ribbed bottom helps keep it in place.
  • 10 inches long by 4 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

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