Sistema Cracker Container - 7.6 cup

Sistema Cracker Container - 7.6 cup

Item #: 9414202013330
MPN: Sistema 1333

This Sistema container features locking clips and a rubberized seal for the ultimate in cracker storage.   Solves the problem of how best to store open packs of crackers and still keep them fresh and crisp.

This cracker container is light weight and easy to use. Locking clips on the lid plus a rubberized seal ensure container contents stay fresh longer. The shape allows storage of square or round crackers, minimizes breakage, and is a practical and reusable alternative to plastic bags. Easily holds a tube or pack of crackers.  The compact and appealing design of this container allows the option of storing crackers in the pantry, on the counter or in the kitchen cupboard. While ideal for crackers, the design of this container also makes it easy to store other foods such as cookies, candies and tea bags, making it a versatile addition to your home, especially when used with other KLIP IT containers such as the Small and Medium Cracker Containers. 

All Sistema KLIP IT food storage containers are manufactured with 100% BPA free materials. 

The innovation: Sistema has designed a comprehensive system of KLIP IT food storage containers that are not only well made, but are stackable, versatile and easy to use.

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