Whirlpool EveryDrop Single Replacement Water Filter

Whirlpool EveryDrop Single Replacement Water Filter

Item #: 883049296517
MPN: Whirlpool DWWC2S1
The EveryDrop Water Filter is the one and only portable water filter that provides you with great tasting water, at home and on the go. You can roam all over your home with it. Take it on vacation. Take it to work and workouts! Hit the road or trail with it. Wherever you're going, the EveryDrop Water Filter will become your new favorite travel companion. Plus, the EveryDrop Water Filter is five times faster than leading brand filtration pitchers. Enjoy great tasting water everywhere!

Replace the filter in your EveryDrop Water Filter every 2 months--or after 60 gallons of usage. It reduces Chlorine and Chloramine, which can cause unpleasant taste and odor in your water.

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