MAVEA Water Filter Cartridges (Pack of 3)

MAVEA Water Filter Cartridges (Pack of 3)

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MPN: MAVEA 1001122
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MAVEA water filter cartridge with unique MAVEA MAXTRA filtration technology provides cleaner, great-tasting filtered water.

MAVEA water filter cartridge reduces:
°Chlorine taste and odor and limescale for a great taste of hot and cold drinks.

MAVEA water filter cartridge reduces contaminants such as:
°Heavy metals (like cadmium, copper, mercury).
°Organic impurities (such as benzene, MTBE and tetrchloroethylene).
°Pesticides (e.g atrazine or simazine) for your well being.

These replacement filters are made for all MAVEA pour-through pitcher filteration systems.

Made in Germany.
Mavea LLC #1001122

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