Guardsman One Wipe Ultimate Duster Cloth

Guardsman One Wipe Ultimate Duster Cloth

Item #: 041758046216
MPN: Guardsman 426100

Absorbs dust in just one wipe! Specially treated for fast and easy dusting. Reusable and safe for all surfaces. Leaves no residue.
Washable. Treated 100% cotton. 14" x 18"
Guardsman Products Style # 01-72

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  1. 100 out of 100
    Wow! I mean Really Wow!

    Reviewed on by Joy

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      This cloth is like Wow!!! I have tried many different brands of dusting cloths as well as microfiber, etc. And they all seem the same. They remove dust, but you have to wipe a few times, then the dust goes up into the air and falls back onto your furniture. When I found this little yellow cloth in a thrift store, still in its original package, all wrinkled and faded, I thought it was just another rag... But, to my surprise and amazement, it actually works like nothing I have ever seen... One wipe and dust was gone... No dust in the air... No wiping three or four times... It is just Wow!

  2. long time user

    Reviewed on by maddy

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      I have used the guardsman one wipe cloth for over 20 years... They are great and can be used over and over again...I think I deserve a free one as a thank you...

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