OXO Soap Squirting Glass & Dish Wand Refill

OXO Soap Squirting Glass & Dish Wand Refill

Item #: 719812022574
MPN: OXO 1225700
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The unique sponge head is gentle enough to clean stemware, and the scrubbing tip gently scrubs away stains and dirt.
OXO style #1225700

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  1. 100 out of 100
    Impossible replacements

    Reviewed on by Picky amateur

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      The total product does a fantastic job on quick washes of not just stemware, but anything with tight corners or places that need a long reach. Finding the replacements, however, is next to impossible! Plus, there are 2 versions of the attaching clips and are not cross-compatible. Good luck in finding replacements!

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