Sidehill Farm Red Raspberry Jam 9 oz

Sidehill Farm Red Raspberry Jam 9 oz

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If summer has a flavor, you can taste it in our deep and rich Red Raspberry Jam. We treat our raspberries right, no pectin, no preservatives, just sweetened with sugar and boiled down the old-fashioned way. We love it so much we used it to fill our wedding cake, and now use it whenever we want our everyday baking to taste like a special occasion.

At Sidehill Farm we take pride in preserving the taste of homemade jam using the same methods our great grandmothers used to assure there is more fruit, and therefore more flavor in every bite. We combine the finest fruits with pure cane sugar, and boil them down the old fashioned way, without added pectin, preservatives or artificial ingredients. The rest of the world is coming back around to the idea of “slow foods”, but at Sidehill Farm there has never been any other way to do it.

Sidehill Farm’s gourmet jams, preserves and pure Vermont maple toppings make a fabulous gift made in Vermont.

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