Hot Pepper Jelly Mini Jar

Hot Pepper Jelly Mini Jar

Item #: 711381024157
MPN: Stonewall Kitchen 100426

Sweet, spicy, peppery and savory, our Hot Pepper Jelly has all the flavor you could ask for! Serve with any sandwich, roast or even pork chops and add a pop of exciting taste. It's a unique and flavorful pantry staple that can add new dimensions to recipes and open the door to delicious experimentation. Mini size is ideal for party favors

Made in USA

Suggested Uses Serve Hot Pepper Jelly with select cheeses and slices of crusty French bread for a tasty appetizer. You can also add a tablespoon or two of Hot Pepper Jelly to pan juices to create an easy and delicious sauce for chicken or pork.

Weight 4 oz

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