Dean Jacob's Spicy Garlic Adjustable Grinder

Dean Jacob's Spicy Garlic Adjustable Grinder

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MPN: Dean Jacob's 8500

This Spicy Garlic 7.4 oz "Jumbo Grinder" has versatile heat and spice. Use on meats and vegetables or in chili, soups and stews. Try on pizza, pasta and salads. Every garlic lover's dream!
Ingredients: Garlic, salt, and crushed dehydrated red pepper.
Dean Jacob's
Style # XCL-8500

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  1. Dean Jacobs Adjustable Grinder Spices

    Reviewed on by jippo

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      I am quite the cook in the kitchen and for yrs have tried adjustable grinder spices from a plethora of stores. This particular product is superior in quality and performance. The only draw back is I was able to purchase a variety of spices locally from Meat Farms for much less, to which they no longer carry them, and I am forced now to shop online for them, at a higher price. Hence, it has not stopped me from purchasing but cannot find all that I am accustomed to.

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