Victoria Taylor's Celtic Sea Salt

Victoria Taylor's Celtic Sea Salt

Item #: 666227001185
MPN: Victoria Gourmet 118

Salt is the ultimate flavor enhancer. A great tasting salt is the finishing touch that brings out the full flavor in most of the food we eat. Harvested by hand in Brittany France, gray Celtic Sea Salt® is considered by many chefs to be the very best for cooking and finishing dishes. Culinary professionals praise it for its flavor and quality, and health professionals for its unrefined purity and naturally occurring minerals. Celtic Sea Salt® is a product of natural crystallization of the ocean waters and reveals the ocean's true essence. Keep it on hand in a salt cellar or a salt tray.
Celtic Sea Salt® is a registered trademark of Celtic Ocean International, Inc. and is used through a licensing arrangement.
Ingredients: Sea Salt
8.0 oz.
Victoria Gourmet Inc
Style # 118

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