Esprit du Sel Grey Sea Salt, 14.3 oz

Esprit du Sel Grey Sea Salt, 14.3 oz

Item #: 792895913618

Grey Sea Salt has been hand harvested from the clay bottoms of the French Atlantic salt marshes each summer since the seventh century. The salts aroma is redolent of the clean sea surrounding the Island of Ré. The island's salt marshes have been designated "Site remarquable du goût", an area of outstanding taste, by the French National Council for the Culinary Arts. Gathered with wooden tools as it has been since the Middle Ages, Esprit du Sel's Grey Sea Salt retains calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, and iodine for good diet, and nutrition. Neither treated nor washed, it’s totally natural. Professionals use this salt to add complex taste and enhance the natural flavor of food. It is excellent for grilling meats and vegetables or to enhance the flavors in soups.

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