The Peanut Trading Co. Southern Fried BBQ Peanuts - 10oz

The Peanut Trading Co. Southern Fried BBQ Peanuts - 10oz

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No trip to the greatest show on earth is complete without these delicious delights! These Fried Peanuts come in a variety of flavors sure to bring a smile to your face!

  • Ingredients: Peanuts, Soybean Oil, Salt, and other Natural Flavors.
  • Southern Fried.

So Darn Good... Eat'm Shell-N-All!!

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Customer Reviews

  1. Burnt Peanuts

    Reviewed on by Sandie

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      I bought a case of your peanuts from Amazon, I don't know if they get rejects or not, but most of the first three bags are brunt. I live in Michigan and don't know if you sell them here but I need a new batch.

    Customer Service Response
    Replied on: Friday, January 22, 2016

    Hi there! We are just retailers of these peanuts; not the actual vendor! Unfotunately since you did not purchase these peanuts through Kitchen & Companu, there is nothing we can do except suggest that you reach out to the vendor - Oak Alley Farms -  directly by emailing 

  2. 100 out of 100

    Reviewed on by Anonymous

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      5 Star (Excellent!)
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      I love them!! The Cajun ones are the BOSS!!! Yummy!!shells in all!! Who knew???

  3. SouthernFriedSaltedPeanuts

    Reviewed on by Jack

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      I did not find the peanut to be as salted as I had hoped. The salt did not seem to penetrate the shell, resulting in what I thought was a blah peanut.

  4. over cooked

    Reviewed on by Bill

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      While I have to admit that these are very good peanuts, I still find that they are a little over cooked. Less cooking time would make them even better.

  5. 80 out of 100
    Dear goodness

    Reviewed on by Sue

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      4 Star (Good)
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      Watch out, these are so incredibly addictive! Only shame is they're not distributed in Canada.

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