Louisiana Hot Sauce & Cajun Shake

Louisiana Hot Sauce & Cajun Shake

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MPN: Louisiana 82177
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Blended from perfectly aged cayenne peppers, Louisiana Hot Sauce is the official hot sauce of bayou country, a distinction that no other hot sauce can make. Not too hot, not too mild - it is unbeatable for adding a bit of zip to any meat, soup, gravy and eggs.

Cajun Shake is a flavorful balanced blend of seasonings, perfect for wild game, beef, poultry, fish and vegetables. Just a sprinkle is all it takes to add zest to popcorn, salads, soups and more.

This combo pack includes a 12-oz. bottle of Original Louisiana Hot Sauce and a 3.5-oz. jar of Cajun Shake.

Louisiana Brand Bruce Foods Style # 82177


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