Fat & Juicy Cayenne Blend Bloody Mary Mix, 32 oz

Fat & Juicy Cayenne Blend Bloody Mary Mix, 32 oz

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Fat & Juicy's Cayenne Blend is party-ready for those that want to amp the heat level for an extra high-grade bloody mary anywhere, anytime. Fresh cayenne peppers have been added to their signature blend of "fat and juicy" tomatoes, a mix of roasted vegetable purees, fresh horseradish, celery, garlic, and a sultry smoky heat. Just like their original, but this is Extra Spicy!! Whether morning or afternoon-or really, whenever - go ahead, make it Fat & Juicy!

If you want, garnish with pickled okra, beans, olives, asparagus, pickles or a piece of bacon! Fat & Juicy also adds that perfect flavor to dishes like meatloaf, chili, pot roast, or pasta!

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