Norfolk Manor Wine Gums 8.8 oz

Norfolk Manor Wine Gums 8.8 oz

Item #: 792851355674
MPN: Norfolk Manor C3628

They're delectable anywhere, any time, anyplace. They're a delight to the eye and a treasure to the taste. They don't leave a mess, they don't leave a trace. Because each and every bite puts a smile on your face. There are a million ways to eat them, but there's no way to beat them. Product of Great Britain.

Imported from the UK, Wine gums (or winegums) are chewy, firm sweets similar to gumdrops, except they are not sugar-coated. They are extremely popular in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Despite their name, wine gums contain no wine. The name comes from the lingering, subtle fruit flavors that make it "similar to the experience of savouring a fine wine".

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