Ande Rooney Carry-Out Food Service Magnet

Ande Rooney Carry-Out Food Service Magnet

Item #: 739149015193

Carry Out Food Service magnet. Red, black and white. This is an Ande Rooney authentic reproduction porcelain enamel steel magnet measuring 2.0 inches by 3.0 inches.

Each piece of steel is cut and prepared to receive the colors by a process called pickling. The colors on the Carry Out Food Service magnet are not paints, but finely ground glass crystals referred to as porcelain enamels. These porcelain enamels are then kiln fired at 1350 F which causes them to fuse to the heavy 18 gauge steel plate.

Each of the red, black and white colors are applied by direct screen application and fired separately creating a durable, lustrous and rust resistant magnet.

The Ande Rooney magnet Collection brings to life the memories and products of the past.

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